The Al Hunafa youth club was set up with the hopes of offering the youths of today an avenue to channel their time and boundless energy into something productive yet fun leading towards the Islamic pursuits of this non profit organization. Al Hunafa Youth Club is open to all youths from the age of thirteen to twenty five. Membership of this club is free.

The activities of the club are devised mainly to attract and excite the youths without forsaking the central Islamic element. So far we have had several events which include among other things, a closed bowling tournament and a futsal tournament which was opened to the public. We plan to hold activities which not only stimulate the physical attributes of the youths but also to their intellectual and character building aspects. Some of the activities in store for the future are a career talk cum discussion for high school leavers with some of our prominent professionals in the industry, quizzes to test their knowledge in Islamic history, activities that promote team work and social skills such as treasure hunts, white water rafting and paint ball and lastly sports activities such as futsal, 3 on 3 basketball and soft ball.

We hope that more youths would step forward and be a member of the club. We would also greatly welcome anyone to be part of the organising committee.