Hunafa Building Project



After much deliberation, Al Hunafa members unanimously agreed to set up a fund to be known as the “Al Hunafa Building Fund” solely for the purpose of collecting funds to realize the project of building its own premises. Funding will be generated by its own members, Muslim friends of Al Hunafa (individuals and organizations from the local scene or overseas) and also contribution from zakat (by way of our tax exempt status).Al Hunafa has finally applied for a piece of land from the Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur Land & Mine Authorities. By the Grace of Allah swt, Insha Allah, Al Hunafa’s prayer will be answered.

Year Location Notes
1983 - 1985 Flat PKNS, Jalan 17/1A, Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya (PJ). A Member’s Apartment
1986 - 1987 SS 20, Damansara Utama, PJ. A Member’s Residence
1988 - 1994 Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) Office/Shop Lot
1995 – 1998 Jalan Dato Sulaiman 3, TDDI. Office/Shop Lot
1999 - 2000 Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, TDDI. Office/Shop Lot
2001 - 2007 Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, TDDI. Office/Shop Lot
2008 - Now Jalan Aminuddin Baki, TDDI. Office/Shop Lot

In the longer term, Al Hunafa plans to function as an “Islamic Knowledge Centre”. This function can only be fully realized when Al Hunafa has its own premise with the necessary facilities to function as the “Islamic Education & Training Centre“, using the English language as the medium of communication.

Al Hunafa Community Centre a.k.a. “Islamic Education & Training Centre“, when fully built will turn this organization, Insha Allah, into a self sufficient NGO, independent of the Government’s annual budget allocations/contributions. The Master Plan envisages Al Hunafa actively providing education & training beyond SAMARA, by organizing courses, specialized training, seminars and conferences throughout the years to generate revenue. A multi purpose hall for conferences, seminars, lectures and presentations, training (break-out) rooms for workshops and group brainstorming sessions, accommodation for participants and other amenities related thereto will be built. All the facilities will also be offered as packages to any organization/individual who require them on rental basis, to generate additional income to Al Hunafa.

Al Hunafa intends to build on the land to be awarded by the Land & Mine Office of FTKL, a low rise 4 storey complex containing the following:
  1. Al Hunafa’s Management Office. An office for the President, Deputy President, Honorary Secretary & Treasurer, Executive Secretaries & an open office. Visitors Room, Meeting Room, Conference Room, Pantry and Store will also be provided.
  2. A Multi Purpose Hall.Rentable facilities for 500 pax with dry kitchen and food preparation area. The hall can be split into 2, each division able to accommodate 300 pax and 200 pax respectively. The design has to take into account its multi purpose use, foreseeable to handle the following usages:
    1. Wedding Reception.
    2. Convocation.
    3. Seminar & Workshop (with Break-out Rooms) .
    4. Conference & Convention.
    5. Corporate Dinner.
    6. Cultural, Arts and Fashion Show (Muslim).
    7. Arts Exhibition.
    8. Product Launch (Halal).
    9. Family Day.
    10. Open House Package.
    11. Break Fast Package.
  3. Meeting (Break-Out) Rooms. 8 rooms which can accommodate 20 pax per room for group training/discussion/brainstorming sessions complete with audio/video facilities.
  4. Rentable Accommodation. 20 rooms with facilities on single or twin sharing basis.
  5. An Open Roof Top. To be used as Function/Reception area with Restaurant/ Coffee House
  6. Permanent Office for Allied Coordinating Committee of Islamic NGOs (ACCIN). Currently, ACCIN does not have a permanent office. A complete office will be provided for ACCIN as a waqaf from Al Hunafa .
  7. A Surau (Waqaf). A Surau for men and women will be built.
  8. Accommodation for Management and Staff Team. 4 to 6 single room/studio apartments need to be built to accommodate the Management and Staff team.
Type of Construction *
Total pax
Location (Floor)
A Multi Purpose Hall (500)* Ground(Front)
Al Hunafa’s Management Office (35) & ACCIN Office First (Front)
8 Meeting (Break-Out) Rooms (160) Second (Front)
A Surau (Waqaf) (200) Third (Front)
Rentable Accommodation (20/40) Fourth (Front)
An Open Roof Top with Restaurant/ Coffee House (200) Roof Top (Front)
IQRA Nurturing Centre (200) Ground (Rear)
Accommodation for Management and Staff Team First (Rear)
The Architect’s interpretation of the above requirement is depicted below:


It is now incumbent upon Al Hunafa to dig deep into its collective memory, based on members’ experiences, knowledge and exposure to come up with every conceivable idea, plan and strategy to raise funds to propel the transformation of its strategic plan into action. Through the commitment of its members, Al Hunafa had formed a Building Fund Raising Working Committee to maximize and strategize efforts to raise sufficient funds to build the Al Hunafa Community Centre. Among the various fund raising activities that have been identified and proposed are:
  1. Fund Raising Dinner. To be organized annually, fully/partially sponsored or underwritten by corporate Muslim organizations. The major highlight will be a short tazkirah by a well known Muslim personality, local or international.
  2. Concert. To be organized annually or bi-annually, fully/partially sponsored or underwritten by corporate Muslim organizations. One of the major features will be a performance by a well known local artist/group and/ or an international artist or group.
  3. Sale of “Bricks”. Continuous promotion to individuals/ groups/ organizations of the sale of bricks for the proposed building as waqaf, Bricks will be offered as an individual piece or pieces or even a wall, at various pre-determined costs per piece of brick, of a few qualities/types. Names of individual or groups/organizations will be “printed” on the brick(s).
  4. Auction. Annual auction of special items, presented or contributed to Al Hunafa will be auctioned to the public, at selected places, likely as part of a function, like the Fund Raising Dinner or over a High Tea reception.
  5. Sale of Publications. Selected books will be sold continuously to the public at slightly above the normal price to make marginal profit.
  6. Training/Courses. Courses or short training sessions will be organized, based on the needs of customers that will be determined by way of a limited survey. As an example, marriage courses in English were identified to be in demand.
  7. Sale of Memorabilia. Selected memorabilia will be produced by Al Hunafa and sold to the public throughout the year, at the various shopping malls.
  8. Food Fair. Al Hunafa will coordinate Food Fair events at various places in KL, organized on a quarterly or bi-monthly basis. Participants will be invited to open up specific stalls to cater for the general public’s culinary expectations.
  9. Corporate Sponsorship. Al Hunafa will send appeal letters to all Muslim corporate organizations to provide corporate sponsorship of the above-mentioned activities or award grants/direct contributions towards the building fund.
The above are some of the activities under consideration. New ideas to raise funds are welcomed. As an example, Al Hunafa is currently evaluating the proposal to organize a “One Day Seminar” as part of its fund raising project, on a subject that the Muslim world is very concerned about, that involves the very essence of Islamic tenets, i.e. RIBA.


Anything and everything that has to do with any fund raising activity needs all kinds of support, right from the planning stage, organizing, implementing and executing that particular activity. Consistently we find at the top of the list something crucial spelled financial need. Based on our collective experience, without the basic “expense” account allocation, nothing moves.

Our first line of action is to write to individuals and organizations to extend their support or more specifically to provide Al Hunafa with the necessary funds to kick start our planned activities. We need to book places to organize the particular activity, need to produce the memorabilia, print the books, print leaflets, pay for advertising space (unless we get it on complimentary basis) and with that a host of other necessities.

At the same time, we also need other ideas on how to raise funds, within the parameters allowable under the ambit of Islamic law, practice and values.

Please contact us with ideas, information, leads and other related information to enable us to network, add value, improve and enhance our fund raising efforts.


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